Rios Vivos Movement makes an urgent call to all Colombians living abroad, as well as fellow citizens in solidarity with the current Cumbre Agraria, Campesina, Étnica y Popular (Agrarian, Peasants Farmers, Ethnic and Popular Summit) to manifest and occupy Colombian embassies and consulates this week, to denounce paramilitary threats to to Rios Vivos participants of the Cumbre Agraria, to demand basic guarantees and conditions to advance the people’s protest, as well as proper investigation of the paramilitary and police intimidation.

On May 30th, 2016, four members of the Rios movement received life threats from paramilitary squads in the region of Antioquia, within the framework of Cumbre Agraria-Agrarian Summit, happening now in Colombia. In the region of Cauca several indigenous injured and one dead after clashes with riot police.

El Movimiento Rios Vivos hace un llamado urgente a las Colombianas y Colombianos viviendo en el exterior, así como a otros ciudadanos en solidaridad con la Cumbre Agraria, Campesina, Étnica y Popular que transcurre en Colombia, a manifestarse y ocupar embajadas y consulados Colombianos, denunciando las amenazas paramilitares, y exigiendo la garantía de condiciones para adelantar la protesta ciudadana, asi como la investigación de la intimidación paramilitar y policial.

El 30 de Mayo de 2016, cuatro integrantes de Rios Vivos recibieron amenzas de muerte por parte paramilitares en el marco de la Cumbre Agraria, Campesina Étnica y Popular, transcurriendo ahora en Colombia. En el Cauca varios heridos y un muerto luego de choques con la policia anti disturbios.

Public statement

May 30, 2016

Today May 30, 2016, when communities gathered at the Agrarian, Ethnic and Popular Summit in northern Antioquia, sector of Santa Rosa de Osos, to start the peaceful protest and vindication of the demands that the summit has submitted to the national government since 2014, it had to be moved because the mobilization had no conditions or guarantees to advance the citizen protest.

Under this situation the delegates of Rios Vivos Antioquia made the decision to initially move to Valdivia, to accompany the meeting that the Movement had asked to the mayor of Valdivia for several days, to clarify the motivations of the Mayor to proceed with unnecessary evictions of artisanal miners and fishermen in the municipality.

This mobilization is in danger due to threats received by suspected paramilitaries, who visited the homes of William Gutierrez, Orlando Gutiérrez (brothers), Wilson Vargas and Rito Mena, and said that if the mobilization didn´t stop by tomorrow they would kill all of them, whom are recognized social leaders and members of Rios Vivos Antioquia Movement. It should be noted that the Gutiérrez brothers were victims of eviction the week of May 23, at the request of Hidroituango.

At this time more than 200 people need shelter in the town of Valdivia so we require that the Mayor of the Municipality, and the Unified Command Post of the Summit, provide necessary and safe accommodation.

We urge the United Nations, the National Government, the Municipal Attorney of Valdivia, the Ombudsman and the Regional Office and all relevant authorities to be alert to this situation, to provide guarantees for the mobilization and integrity of all members of Rios Vivos Movement.

We ask that the origin of the threats and the people behind them are investigated; because at any moment a a strike in Valdivia was announced by the Rios Vivos Movement of the Agrarian Summit.

WATER FOR LIFE not for death!




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