Building proposals for a fair energetic transition and for a memory for peace

Free Rivers, Living People

The National Coordination of the Colombian Movement in Defense of the Territories and Affected by Dams “Rios Vivos”, gathered last September 3rd, 2018, in the city of Medellin under the slogan “Building proposals for a fair energetic transition and for a memory for peace”, to advance the preparations for our 2nd National Meeting to be held in Barrancabermeja from the 8th to 12th of October, 2018. We greet the Colombian people, their political and social organizations, the victims and the communities affected by the mining-energetic policy, and all who work to free our territories from the presence of multinationals, in the search of the good life.

After 17 years of constantly working on our nation coordination, and under the conviction that we can build other possible worlds, we convene our 2nd National Meeting in the midst of great challenges on the political terrain, that imply the strengthening of our regional and territorial agendas, as well as the discussion on how do we understand energetic transition, and how do we advance in the defense of water as a common, natural and public good?

Among the challenges we face as a social movement, we find diverse rhythms and different perspectives on how to advance and fulfill our purposes; which in turn we assume as an opportunity to grow as an organizational process.

This last period has been complex and difficult, involving false accusations against the Movement and its members, violating our principles by ignoring the National Coordination scenario, generating division, and facilitating the advancement of dispossession. For example, the Ríos Vivos Antioquia regional coordination has decided to stop participating from the Movement’s national coordination, under the influence of those who want to divide us, despite some communities being against this decision.

We regret this procedure, as Ríos Vivos Antioquia represent a significant contribution to this path of collective construction. Now, we understand that the work in each of the territories is developed under dynamic variables; the reason why we are willing to dialogue when the conditions and reasons that today distance us allow us to meet again.

We will continue in dialogue, accompanying and coordinating the processes, organizations and local associations of victims and affected by dams located in Antioquia that have expressed their desire to continue walking under the principles that articulate us. Likewise with other affected communities in Colombia and the continent, given that we will not falter in promoting the articulation for the permanency in our territories, and the strengthening of the Movimiento de Afectados por Represas de América Latina – MAR (Movement of People Affected by Dams in Latin America), the Cumbre Agraria Campesina, Étnica y Popular – CACEP ( Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Agrarian Summit), the Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo  – CLOC/Colombia/LVC (Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations, the Red Latinoamericana contra Represas – REDLAR (Latin American Network Against Dams), and the Mesa Social Minero Energética y Ambiental por la paz- MSMEA (Social Energetic-Mining and Environmental Committee for Peace).

Finally, we reaffirm our permanent commitment as National Coordination to defend the historical and collective legacy that we have built with arguments and actions, despite the difficult context of repression, and institutional and parastatal violence.

We reject any disregard towards our legacy, or towards the collective and individual work of each of our members.

We also highlight the fundamental role played by our spokespersons on the local, national and regional levels.

Therefore, we ratify the participation of Juan Pablo Soler, Diana Marcela Giraldo, Claudia Ortiz, Tatiana Roa, Jennifer Chávarro, Miller Dussán, Naudel González, Diana Marcela Carabalí and Yalila Palomo as spokespersons in the dialogue with other national and international organizations and movements.

After this coordination meeting, we go back to our territories with greater determination and reaffirming the need to advance in the consolidation of our collective work in defense of rivers and life.

We invite you to our 2nd National Meeting, that will conclude with a decentralized hearing of the Congress of the Republic on Energetic Transition.

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